6100 – dollars raised in pledges
700 – dollars raised in Community Investor donations
185 - dollars raised in 50/50 and extra raffle tickets
149 -participants now registered in DoJiggy who either came to the walk or turned in an envelope with donations.
85 - percentage of profit we keep (as opposed to "stuff" fundraisers that yeild less than 45%)
60 – percent chance of thunderstorms/rain for our event, putting us in our indoor venue.
40 – the approximate average each registered participant raised
27 – local businesses represented in some way at the event
21 - number of volunteers who were not registered in DoJiggy but spent all day at the walk (and gave to general donation and raffles)
19 – Volunteers who brought in pledges (enough to earn a t-shirt) on top of volunteering all day
5 – HS Art Club face painters who donated their Saturday (and helped make event signs)
2 – local newspapers covering event as it happened
1 – State Senator at the event
0 - number of first aid incidents

Common questions -

I heard it was a great event but missed it, when are we doing it again?
Not until late winter, early spring of 2012. This was a very large project that took the hands and time of many people. We also do not want to overextend the generosity of the people of the community (businesses and citizens alike) who already give healthy sums to education via their taxes. One large fundraiser per school year is enough.

You say you do one fundraiser per year, what about all the notices that come home for Walworth Wildcat shirts, Original Works, School Kids supply kits, etc.?
The spirit wear is done as a service to the student body to raise school spirit and offer a way to get the items easily. There is very little profit from this. We simply rounded up the cost to make even numbered prices. (Last year's profit, $107.)
The Original Works art project is done in conjunction with the Art Department to promote students' work and raise money for the Art Department. (Last year, approx. $590)
School Kids supply kits are offered as a service to help busy parents. There is virtually no profit for this. (Last year, ~$43)

Can I still donate to the school?
Please make your check out to Walworth Parents Club and either bring it to the school or send it to 121 Beloit Street, Walworth, WI 53184.