Congratulations to the new Parent's Club officers elected at the May 2013 meeting

President: Jody Chambers
Vice Presidents: Kim Jordan and Barry Gilmore
Secretary: Toni Pieper
Treasurer: Kelly Taylor

2013 Ice Cream Socail Volunteers
Tuesday, May 14th 6-8pm
Set-up (3-4 people needed)
Mel Litton-Castellon
Bonnie Jimenez
Liz Beyers
Toni Pieper

Ice Cream Scooping Shifts (3-4 people needed for each shift): PLEASE BRING AN APRON TO WEAR!
5:45-6:30 – Carolyn Holt, Tammy Notollini, Corey Schuh, Toni Pieper, Mel Litton-Castellon
6:30-7:15- Julie Ford, Rico Ford, Kim Speilman, Katie Cronin, Tammy Griffin
7:15-8:00 –Jennifer Waters, Jessica Ames, Debbie Amann, Julia Vail

Shifts needed for "crowd control/hall monitoring" (keeping people contained to art/
gym hallways and helping in art room when needed by art teachers, etc.)
5:45-6:30 – Barry Gilmore
6:30-7:15 – Barry Gilmore
7:15-8:00 –
Clean Up
Carolyn Holt, Toni Pieper, Mel Litton-Castellon, Debbie Amann, Jean Culley

Fliers and posters are being taken care of by Rachel Roemer and the Art Department