Walworth Parents Club Agenda -- Tuesday 11 September 2012:

Call to order


Approval of Minutes

Treasurer's Report - Carolyn Holt
Income Sources Reports:
    * Market Day - Cindy Nordmeyer
    * Sentry Receipts - Student Council
    * Box Tops - Sandi Haeni
    * Labels For Education - Amanda Marshall
    * Target - Carolyn Holt
    * Pop Tops - Jill Dallassassee

Communication from the public:
    * Blog -
    * Email -
    * Facebook - Walworth Parents Club (contact Mel on FB as this is a closed group)
    * School website -
    * Other

Unfinished Business:
    * Business review from May 2012 meeting
New Business:

    * 2nd grade fund request - Jodi Cullen
    * Other funds requests
    * Informal request for funds from Janitorial Dept
    * Discuss Fall fundraising opportunities
    * Schedule next meeting Tuesday 9 October 2012


Parents' Club Minutes -- Monday 14 May 2012

Respectfully submitted by Melanie Litton-Castellon

Members Present: Melanie Litton-Castellon (President), Sandi Haeni (Vice President),
Carolyn Holt (Treasurer), Tammy Griffin (Secretary).  Parents Present:  Nicole Kinane, Julie Ford,
Tami Nottolini, Toni Pieper. Staff Present: Pamela Larson, Pamela Knorr, Jill Trosclair, Linda
Wenzel, Cathy Boldger.

Review of Minutes: One typo pointed out by Mrs Pieper. Minutes were approved. Motion by
Mrs Ford, Second by Ms Larson

Treasurer's Report: Copies available upon request

Income Sources: These were covered in the Treasurer's Report

Unfinished Business:
    1    Ice Cream Social Report provided by Art Dept and Mrs Ford
        *Loose ends were tied, and there was general discussion about games, food,
         music, book/media exchange
        * Mrs Griffin offered to pick up the ice cream
        *Arranged with administration to have the freezer unlocked
    2    Staff Appreciation Report from Mrs Nottolini
        *Final cost to date is $516.72
        *$50 and $100, respectively, approved for food from local restaurants, Motion
         by Mrs Griffin, Second by Mrs Ford
    3    Discussion: Greco Fundraiser
        * Mrs Trosclair offered to arrange to have desserts provided by school staff.
    4    Discussion: 8th Grade Graduation
        *$1,000 budget passed. Motion by Mrs Nottolini, Second by Mrs Griffin
        *Ms Litton-Castellon agreed to purchase more silk flowers from Michael's
        *Kelly Oliver (not present) to bring food tray
        *Danelle Craig (not present) is unable to provide cakes this year; Ginger
         Arnold (not present) instead ordered goods from local Mexican bakery
        *Ms Litton-Castellon and Mrs Holt agreed to pick up cakes from Mexican
         bakery on the day of graduation
    5    Other unfinished business included a motion to approve $300 for stickers for
        Mrs Wenzel's Reading Counts books (Motion by Mrs Ford, Second by Mrs
        Knorr). $370 for stickers approved by Mrs Knorr

New Business:
    1    7th grade fund request was approved, motion to give a flat $500 from Mrs Ford,
        Second by Mrs Trosclair
    2    8th grade fund request was approved, motion to give $275 from Mrs Ford,
        Second by Mrs Wenzel
    3    Vote to move our meetings to 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Motion from
        Mrs Boldger, Second by Mrs Knorr
    4    Extracurricular program raised by Mrs Nottolini and Troy Hummel (not present)
        was deemed not Walworth Parents' Club business, and should be raised with
        school administration instead

Next Meeting Scheduled For: 11 September 2012

Adjourned 7:58pm