There are many ways you can volunteer to help:

  • Do you like to cook or bake! - Consider providing refreshments, treats, or meals at events (Graduation, Staff Appreciation, etc)
  • Are you creative and love crafts or decor? - Volunteer to help decorate at events or provide items  you no longer use that are in good condition. We are always looking for new decor items to use throughout the year! 
  • Do you love planning, organizing parties? - Bring your skills to the table and consider heading up one of the many events we host throughout the year!
  • Don't want to head events, but have time on your hands? - Volunteer your time at any of the events we have planned throughout the year!
  • Full of Ideas for possible new events or fundraisers? -  Bring them to the meetings for discussion or email your ideas to Email is checked daily!
  • Not up to doing anything physical? No worries, we understand everyone has busy lives and may feel swamped. - Consider sending a donation. We love to hear from the community and any help would be greatly appreciated!!   
    • Send all donations to: 
                        Walworth Elementary School
                         C/O: Walworth Parents Club
                                 121 Beloit St.
                           Walworth, WI 53184
    • Don't want to use a stamp or are heading to the school anyway? - Drop your donation by the office whenever it is convenient for you!
  •  Have a way to volunteer that is not listed here? - Give us your suggestions and we will add them. The more options we have the more involved we can be to make Walworth Elementary and Grade School a great place for our children to grow and learn. 

Contact us any time with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. You can contact us HERE!