Congratulations to the new Parent's Club officers elected at the May 2013 meeting

President: Jody Chambers
Vice Presidents: Kim Jordan and Barry Gilmore
Secretary: Toni Pieper
Treasurer: Kelly Taylor

2013 Ice Cream Socail Volunteers
Tuesday, May 14th 6-8pm
Set-up (3-4 people needed)
Mel Litton-Castellon
Bonnie Jimenez
Liz Beyers
Toni Pieper

Ice Cream Scooping Shifts (3-4 people needed for each shift): PLEASE BRING AN APRON TO WEAR!
5:45-6:30 – Carolyn Holt, Tammy Notollini, Corey Schuh, Toni Pieper, Mel Litton-Castellon
6:30-7:15- Julie Ford, Rico Ford, Kim Speilman, Katie Cronin, Tammy Griffin
7:15-8:00 –Jennifer Waters, Jessica Ames, Debbie Amann, Julia Vail

Shifts needed for "crowd control/hall monitoring" (keeping people contained to art/
gym hallways and helping in art room when needed by art teachers, etc.)
5:45-6:30 – Barry Gilmore
6:30-7:15 – Barry Gilmore
7:15-8:00 –
Clean Up
Carolyn Holt, Toni Pieper, Mel Litton-Castellon, Debbie Amann, Jean Culley

Fliers and posters are being taken care of by Rachel Roemer and the Art Department

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Tuesday, May 14th is our annual art fair and Ice cream social. Parents Club needs people to do set up, scoop ice cream, hall monitor and clean up. Please contact either Mel Litton-Castellon, Toni Pieper or Caroyln Holt for details. This is always a great event. Let keep it going!

The minutes will no longer show up in the feed. There is a link on the right that will contain the minutes. This spot will be reserved for notification of special events or help needed requests. Thank you for your support.