Our musical this year is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It will be held a the end of April. To make the set all that it can be, the cast and crew would appreciate some donations of items (which can be returned if you'd be interested in simply loaning them to the production.)

Below is a partial list of items needed for the play. It takes place in the 60s, however, there will be a contemporary feel to it.

4 soup bowls and spoons
Large Old-fashioned radio
Hand-held tv
Ken doll
Empty Champagne Bottle
Small slide
Double or larger bed with headboards.

If you have questions or have something to lend to the production, please contact Caroline Briggs at or by calling her at 275-6896 ext. 410.

Thank you!


to Mike Graham and Elkhorn Chemical Company for donating a case of Kleenex to the "specials" team. When school supply lists go out in the fall, tissues aren't provided for these classrooms, but we all know that sneezes still happen and noses still run!

The students and faculty are very grateful.

Thanks again!