Walworth Parents Club Minutes
October 12, 2011

Melanie Litton-Castellon (President) called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Other Board Members Present: Sandi Haeni (Vice President), Carolyn Holt (Treasurer), and Tammy Griffin (Secretary). School Staff Present: Pam Larson, Pam Knorr, Rachel Roemer. Parents Present: Nicole Kinane, Toni Pieper, Tami Nottolini, Vanessa Tipps.

Review of minutes: Motioned by Tami Nottolini, second Rachel Roemer.

Treasurer’s Report: Carolyn Holt. Waiting for funds from the walk before completing annual budget: 2011-2012 Budget tabled until next month. Mrs Holt will be contacting an attorney to discuss how much money we can legally carry without penalty. Discussed the possibility that our balance should be zero-ed out at the end of the year. $4574.00 paid out for playground equipment.

Ongoing income sources:

Box Tops for Education:
(Sandy Haeni) Keep collecting for this year’s contest. See for a full list of products. Contest is under way. Class with the most box tops win a prize. Contest ends October 26th. Prize = Extra Recess. Pamela Larson will make announcements.

Labels for Education: (Amanda Marshall) Please cut “points” from soup and other labels and send them to school. for a full list of products.

Target Purchases: (Carolyn Holt) Use your Target credit card and assign Walworth School as beneficiary so we get a percentage of your purchase amount. Save 5% on your total. No changes to online. One check cut to us per year: $324.09 collected this year.

Sentry Receipts: (Anice Machado and Stephanie Drake) Student Council will continue to collect the proceeds. Remember to get a green sticker on Sentry receipts and turn them into the school office within 3 mos of purchase date.

Market Day: (Cindy Nordmeyer) Total $150.84 income for September.

Pop Tops: (Jill Dallasassee) Continue to collect and send them in to Jill.


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Old Business

1. Playground equipment (Melanie Litton-Castellon) Equipment was delivered and invoiced. $4574 was paid in full. Installation was discussed. Further requests for volunteers to help with installation. (Offered by Tammy Griffin's brother, an engineer; Matt Haeni is available to help; Pamela Knorr to talk with janitor; Melanie L-C to ask for further help.) Tentatively planned to install on Sunday, October 16th at 10:30. Discussed cost for installation supplies.

2. PBIS School-wide Behavioral Incentive Program (Melinda Peterson) $287.50 used. Mrs Peterson purchased an additional $39.87. She requested a total of $200.00 for funds needed. (Broken down as $39.87 to reimburse Mrs Peterson for purchases and an extra $160 for additional future needs.) Motion to approve Vanessa Tipps, Second Tami Nottolini.

3. WW4W (Melanie Litton-Castellon) Discussed prizes to be distributed to top grossing classrooms and top 3 students in each class (Pamela Knorr offered to ask Bob Klockars at WSB and Tammy Griffin to ask Mercy Health to donate door prizes.) Discussed door prizes given by PC (spirit bands by MMPR in Janesville.) Apples donated from Royal Oaks Orchard for refreshments. Snow cones donated by Heyer's. Discussed printing needs. Advertising provided by art students. Music donated by the Alfano family. Discussed volunteer needs (snack table, registration, crowd control, etc). Other suggestions included ways to pledge

4. UW Whitewater Theatre - a play about the weather (Jodi Cullen) 1st grade Spring field trip to be tabled until the Spring. It cost $220 last year; this years' costs will depend upon how many children are going.

Next meeting scheduled for November 14th.

Adjourned at 8pm. Motioned by Pamela Knorr, Second Vanessa Tipps.


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