Walworth Parents Club Minutes
September 12, 2011

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by Melanie Litton-Castellon (President). Other Board Members Present: Sandi Haeni - Vice President; Carolyn Holt - Treasurer; Tammy Griffin -Secreatary. School Staff present: Pam Larsen (Principal), Pam Knorr (Administrator), Jody Cullen (1st grade), Cathy Boldger (Kindergarden), Rachel Roemer (Art), Melinda Peterson. Parents present: Alicia Swanson, Cindy Nordmeyer, Nicole Kinane, Toni Peeper.

Review of minutes: No minutes to report.

Treasurer’s Report: Carolyn Holt (copy available upon request)

Ongoing income sources:

Box Tops for Education (Sandy Haeni) Keep collecting for this year’s contest. See for a full list of products. We can earn box tops if we order t-shirts through Boxtops for education as long as we use Hanes products. We earn Boxtops for each t-shirt printed.

Labels for Education : Please cut “points” from soup and other labels and send them to school. for a full list of products.

Target Purchases: use your Target credit card and assign Walworth School as beneficiary and we get a percentage of your purchase amount. $324.09 collected. Save 5% on your total. No charges to online.

Sentry Receipts : will still be collected by Student Council. Remember to place a green sticker on the receipt and turn them into the school office within 3 months of purchase date.
Market Day: (Cindy Nordmeyer and Teresa Taylor): 3 checks totaling $1225.22. Market Day was supposed to send out order forms to customers who purchase Market Day 4 or 5 times a year, but this mailing did not get sent out. Therefore, September sales were low. Rep has been notified.

Budget: 2011/2012 will be discussed at the October meeting.


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Other meetings: School Board meeting generally meets the third Monday of the month in the school library.

SEARCH Task Force meets every 2nd Thursday at 7:15 – 8am in the staff workroom. Community encouraged to attend both. Check the school calendar or website for more information.

1. Playground equipment: ordered and should be arriving soon. Installation: request for volunteers to help with installation. They will invoice us and this will be discussed at the October meeting.

2. Review of summer meeting: Staff appreciation was discussed. Thank you to those who baked cookies for the open house and helped with registration.

3. PBIS School-wide Behavior Incentive Program: (Melinda Peterson) $287.50 used. Linda purchased an additional $39.87. She is requesting a total of $200.00 for funds needed. $39.87 to reimburse Melinda for purchases and an extra $160 for additional future needs. This will be reimbursed and the extra amount was tabled for the budget meeting next month.


Red Ribbon Week: Pam Larson— Scheduled for Monday October 17th to Friday October 21st. The Police Department will help with expense. Est cost is $600. Mrs Larsen will have more details on Thursday. Tabled for the October meeting.

Jennifer Watters—opera program: Possibly partnering with Fontana. The total cost of this program is $800, with Walworth paying $500 and Fontana paying $300. Further decisions were tabled because Mrs Watters was unable to attend this meeting.

Whitewater Players: Mrs Larsen is looking into this program; usually the deposit is made in June. Performance is in late October. Motion to accept was made by Cathy Boldger, seconded by Cindy Nordmeyer.

Fundraisers for Fall: Wellness Walk during Red Ribbon Week scheduled for Oct 21st. Title suggested : “Healthy kids making a drug free choice”. Probably to take place during specials in the school day. Possible issue: need approval from Big Foot? Checks and cash donations only. Suggestions included class teams, stations, parent participation. Art department offered to have graphic design team make posters.

Fundraiser suggestion: simply ask for straight donations, thereby not constantly asking family and friends to purchase items.

Mrs Roemer: Requested Kleenex boxes for the art and music departments. Mrs Knorr and Mrs Larsen advised her to contact the office.

Mrs Roemer: Requested volunteers to hang art work in school corridors.

1st Grade Team: 4H program 'Chicks And Ducks' in each classroom. Would cost $12 for chicks, $24 For ducks. $50 requested to cover costs for the whole first grade. This program runs at two different points during the Spring.

UW Whitewater play: The Magic School Bus, for 1st grade only. A decision was tabled until the October meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm. Motioned by Cindy Nordmeyer, Second Melinda Peterson.


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